Auto Augmentation Mastopexy Turkey

Auto Augmentation Mastopexy lifts and adds volume to the breasts. It uses a patient’s own breast tissue. This surgery addresses sagging from aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.

Turkey is famous for medical tourism, including this surgery. Yet, it’s vital to pick a trusted surgeon and clinic in Turkey. Always weigh the surgery’s risks and benefits.

Auto Augmentation Mastopexy Turkey Cost

The cost of Auto Augmentation Mastopexy in Turkey can vary depending on several factors, including the surgeon’s experience and reputation, the facility where the surgery is performed, and the extent of the procedure needed to achieve the desired results.

On average, the cost of Auto Augmentation Mastopexy in Turkey can range from around 3,000 to 7,000 USD. However, it is important to note that the price should not be the only factor considered when choosing a surgeon or facility. It is crucial to prioritize safety, expertise, and a track record of successful outcomes when making this important decision.

Do you still lose a cup size with breast auto augmentation?

Breast auto augmentation is a surgical technique where a woman’s own tissue is rearranged to enhance the appearance of her breasts without the use of implants. This procedure typically involves a combination of breast lift (mastopexy) and the repositioning of breast tissue to add fullness, especially in the upper part of the breasts.

Regarding the change in cup size with breast auto augmentation, it varies depending on the individual case. The main goals of this procedure are to improve the shape, position, and overall appearance of the breasts rather than significantly increasing or decreasing their size. However, because some breast tissue may be removed during the lifting and reshaping process, it’s possible for some women to experience a slight reduction in cup size.

It’s important to have a detailed consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and expectations. The surgeon can provide a more accurate idea of how the procedure will affect your breast size based on your specific anatomy and the amount of tissue available for reshaping. Remember, the focus of auto augmentation is on enhancing the natural shape and look of the breasts rather than significantly altering their size.

Auto Augmentation Mastopexy Turkey

What is mastopexy with auto augmentation?

Mastopexy with auto augmentation is a breast lift using one’s own tissue. The surgeon removes extra skin and reshapes the breast. This gives a fuller, younger look. It’s a natural alternative to implants. Sagging breasts benefit from this. Choose an expert, board-certified surgeon for this complex surgery.

Expected results after Breast Auto-augmentation

Breast auto-augmentation is a surgery that lifts and adds volume using the patient’s tissue. It offers:

  • A youthful breast shape by lifting and adjusting the nipple.
  • More breast volume, especially after aging, weight loss, or pregnancy.
  • Long-lasting results since it uses your tissue.
  • Boosted self-confidence from better breast shape and size.

Always consult a certified surgeon who knows this procedure well.

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Benefits of a breast lift with auto-augmentation

A breast lift with auto-augmentation is a surgery with several benefits:

  • It restores breast volume using your tissue, making breasts look fuller and natural.
  • It reshapes and removes excess skin for a better breast shape.
  • It lifts breasts for a youthful and perky look, especially after sagging from aging or pregnancy.
  • This surgery can boost self-confidence by enhancing breast appearance.

Always discuss with a certified surgeon to understand the benefits for you.

Choosing the best surgeon for breast auto-augmentation

Choosing the right breast auto-augmentation surgeon is crucial. Here’s a guide:

  • Pick a board-certified plastic surgeon. This shows they have the right training and ethics.
  • Check their experience in breast auto-augmentation. View their before-and-after photos.
  • Research their reputation. Read online reviews or get referrals from friends.
  • Confirm they use a top-quality surgical facility.
  • Meet them for a consultation. Ensure you’re comfortable with them.

Selecting a good surgeon boosts the chance of a safe, successful surgery.

Breast Lift with Auto Augmentation Procedure

Breast lift with auto augmentation is a surgical procedure that reshapes and adds volume using your own tissue. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Anesthesia: You’ll be asleep during surgery.
  • Incisions: Cuts are made on the breasts, often around the areola or breast crease.
  • Reshaping: The surgeon removes extra skin and reshapes the breast. The nipple might be moved.
  • Auto-augmentation: Your own breast tissue is used to add volume.
  • Closure: The cuts are closed with stitches or tape.
  • Recovery: Expect some pain, swelling, and bruising. You’ll wear a special bra and follow the surgeon’s care instructions.

Only choose a certified plastic surgeon for this procedure. Discuss with them to see if it’s right for you.

What is the difference between breast augmentation and mastopexy?

Breast augmentation and mastopexy are both breast surgeries, but they serve different purposes.

Breast augmentation uses implants to increase breast size. Silicone or saline implants are placed through incisions. It’s for those wanting bigger or shapelier breasts.

Mastopexy, or a breast lift, reshapes drooping breasts. The surgeon removes skin, reshapes the breast, and moves the nipple up. It’s often chosen by women with saggy breasts from age, pregnancy, or weight loss.

You can combine both surgeries for size and lift. Talk to a plastic surgeon to see what’s best for you.

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