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Breasts are a symbol of femininity, but not everyone is born with them. Implants may be used to enhance their size, shape, and fullness, as well as for reconstructive purposes after pregnancy, breastfeeding, natural aging, or breast cancer.

Dr. Ali Mezdeği Türkiye plastic surgery facility is well-known for performing breast augmentation, one of the top cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Mezdeği is an expert and offers both saline and silicone implants, as well as revision surgery for those who have had previous breast surgery.

Operation Card

Surgery Duration 2-3 hours
Anaesthetic type General
Length of stay Hospital One night
Length of stay in Turkey 7 – 8 Days
Operation City Istanbul
Washing 1 week
Sexual activity 6 weeks
Back to work 7 days
Sleeping On back 2 weeks
Full recovery 6 weeks
Final results 6-12 weeks

Before and After Boob Job

Due to the ban, we cannot publish clearly before and after on our website. But you can reach our page from our instagram link below. You can see before and after Breast Augmentation photos on our social media account.

Before After

Breast Augmentation Incision Techniques And Scarring

Dr. Mezdeği, a top NYC plastic surgeon, performs breast augmentation using an endoscope, which allows for precise division of the muscle and control of any bleeding and implant positioning. This procedure can create a scar in the underarm, under the breast itself, or at the lower border of the areolus. Many patients prefer the underarm scar as it removes any scarring anxiety from the breast. Dr. Mezdeği has found great satisfaction in achieving natural-looking breast results without leaving any scarring. He enjoys seeing his patients both shortly after surgery and years later, and is proud of the results that have been achieved with no visible scarring.

How long do breast implants last?

Breast implants don’t have a definitive expiration date, but they are not considered lifetime devices. The longevity of breast implants can vary, but on average, they can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Several factors influence their lifespan:

  • Implant Type: There are different types of breast implants, such as saline and silicone, and each type has its own average lifespan. Silicone implants often have a longer lifespan compared to saline implants.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time, breast implants can undergo wear and tear due to factors like physical activity, weight fluctuations, and aging of the surrounding breast tissue.
  • Rupture and Leakage: Implants can rupture or leak, and while this is more easily detected in saline implants (the breast visibly deflates), silicone implant ruptures are often silent and may require an MRI for detection.
  • Capsular Contracture: This occurs when the scar tissue around the implant tightens and may require surgical correction, potentially involving implant replacement.
  • Cosmetic Reasons: Some individuals choose to replace or remove their implants for cosmetic reasons, such as desiring a different size or responding to changes in breast tissue over time.
  • Individual Variability: The longevity of implants can vary widely from person to person, depending on individual factors and the body’s response to the implants.

Regular follow-ups with a healthcare provider are important for monitoring the condition of breast implants. If there are no complications and the individual is satisfied with the appearance and feel of the implants, replacement may not be necessary until a problem arises or the individual desires a change.

Breast Surgery Ali Mezdeği

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift is a surgical procedure to restore the shape and firmness of the breasts after pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, weight changes, genetics and natural ageing. These changes can cause the breasts to droop and the nipples to drop to a lower position, and this is more common in large breasts. The changes caused by breast atrophy are permanent and can only be corrected with a surgical breast lift.

A breast uplift is a surgical procedure that can restore a youthful appearance to the chest and create a more “perky” and prominent breast mound. The surgeon will usually perform extra correction to maintain the desired effect. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure used to lift the breasts, remove excess skin, and tighten the surrounding tissue. It does not increase breast size, but makes them appear more youthful and firm. A breast reduction is a similar procedure with the addition of removing underlying breast tissue to reduce size. Breast lift surgery is often combined with breast augmentation for women with both volume loss and sagging.

Types of breast lift

Breast ptosis is the degeneration of breast tissue, causing the breasts to become hollow, flat, or stretched out. This can happen naturally with age, as well as due to breastfeeding, pregnancy, genetics, and lifestyle choices. It can negatively affect a woman’s self-esteem and body image. A breast lift is a solution for this.

Crescent Lift :The crescent mastopexy is a procedure that can help to correct minor asymmetry and reduce scarring for patients with mild to moderate ptosis without moving the areola.

Doughnut Lift :A doughnut mastopexy is a breast lift procedure that involves minimal scarring and preserves nipple-areola sensation. It is a shorter procedure than other types of breast lifts and can also be combined with a breast implant to increase breast volume and projection.

Lollipop Lift: The vertical breast lift, also known as the lollipop lift, is a powerful procedure used to remove excess skin with less tension on the incision. It is a good option for those with moderate to severe sagging of the breasts.

Anchor Lift:The inverted T or anchor lift is an invasive type of breast lift that is best used for moderate to severe breast drooping and for patients that have had massive weight loss. It is capable of correcting severe ptosis by removing excess skin and elevating the nipple. However, it comes with a significant scar burden and a small risk of minor wound breakdown. There are four different techniques for breast lifts, two of which are “mini lifts” and two of which are more complete. Depending on the situation, your surgeon will decide which technique is best for you. In the event of prominent scarring, the Centre for Surgery offers laser scar reduction to help address the issue.

Am I suitable?

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is a procedure used to reshape and raise sagging breasts due to changes caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or ageing. Esteport Clinic provides specialist plastic surgery consultation to discuss individual cases and help patients decide the best procedure for them, outlining the risks and benefits as well as the expected results. A breast lift can be combined with augmentation or reduction surgery to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. Breast lift surgery should not be considered by women who intend to get pregnant or breastfeed in the future, as these activities can negate the results of the surgery.

Breast lift with implants

Augmentation mastopexy is an option for women who want to address both the lack of shape and sagging in their breasts. It is a good option for women with breast asymmetry, slight correction, or who have been pregnant.

Preparing for breast augmentation

Esteport Clinic believes that patient preparation is key to successful breast implant surgery. The surgeons use 3D imaging analysis to determine the best size and shape of the implant for the best results. They strive to make sure all patients are fully prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Breast lift recovery

Breast lift surgery has a typically low level of discomfort and is less painful than breast augmentation. Most of the pain occurs in the first three days after the procedure, and pain medication can be taken to ease the discomfort. After two days, showering is generally possible. After a breast lift, bruising and swelling may occur but will heal within 1-2 weeks. Patients typically need 7-10 days off work for breast lift recovery and can usually return to work after a week. Strenuous activities such as gym workouts should be avoided for 6-8 weeks and patients should check with their surgeon to ensure it is safe to resume physical exercise to prevent prolonged swelling and delayed wound healing.

After a procedure, the scars may appear red and lumpy, but after the first month, they will become smaller and whiter, usually around the areola. Discusses the risks associated with a surgical procedure, which can include scarring that may turn into additional issues. The surgeon will have follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of healing and discuss when activities can be resumed and when a normal bra can be worn.

What is a breast funnel?

A breast funnel is a surgical instrument used to help with breast augmentation surgery. It consists of a clear plastic cone-shaped device with a small end inserted into the breast pocket and a wider end through which the implant is guided into the pocket. It allows the surgeon to make a smaller incision and control the implant’s positioning. A breast funnel can help reduce the size of the incision required for implant placement, resulting in less scarring and a shorter recovery period. It also provides more accurate placement of the implant, leading to better cosmetic results. The use of a breast funnel during breast implant surgery varies between surgeons, depending on the technique, preference, patient anatomy, and type of implant being used. Some surgeons use the device, while others use alternative inserters.

Breast Implant exchange

Breast implants do not have a set expiration date, but modern implants can last for 10-15 years or more. Most commonly, people opt for implant exchange to change their breast appearance, but it may also be necessary to address issues such as wrinkling, rippling, contracture, rupture, or displacement. Surgical techniques and implants have been improved over the last 10-15 years, allowing patients to keep them for longer. The Sebbin implants used at the Esteport Clinic have an advanced gel material which prevents leakage if the outer shell is damaged.