Mini Neck Lift Turkey

Mini neck lift in Turkey offers a new way to look younger. It reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck. It’s a quick procedure with little downtime. Doctors can pair it with treatments like lasers or fillers for even better results. It’s safe, effective, and boosts confidence.

Mini Neck Lift Turkey Cost

Mini neck lift Turkey cost can vary depending on factors such as the type of procedure and the surgeon chosen. Generally, mini neck lift surgery in Turkey can cost anywhere from €4,000 to €8,000, depending on the extent of the procedure and the individual’s needs. This cost may also include the cost of the facility and other associated fees. It is important to research different surgeons and facilities to find the best option for you, as well as compare the cost of different procedures. It is also important to take into account the potential risks and recovery time associated with the procedure.

What’s the difference between a mini neck lift and a neck lift?

A mini neck lift and a traditional neck lift are both surgical procedures designed to improve the appearance of the neck, but they differ in terms of the extent of surgery, the area addressed, and the degree of correction they provide. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

Extent of Surgery:

  • Mini Neck Lift: This is a less invasive procedure. It typically involves smaller incisions, often just behind the ears or under the chin. Because it’s less extensive, the recovery time is generally shorter.
  • Traditional Neck Lift: Involves more extensive surgery, with incisions usually starting in the hairline at the level of the sideburn, continuing around the ear, and ending in the posterior hair. This allows for more comprehensive skin and muscle tightening.

Area and Degree of Correction:

  • Mini Neck Lift: Primarily targets mild to moderate sagging and excess skin in the neck area. It’s best suited for individuals with relatively good skin elasticity and less pronounced signs of aging.
  • Traditional Neck Lift: Addresses more significant aging signs, including pronounced skin laxity, prominent vertical neck bands, and excess fat. It can provide a more dramatic rejuvenation of the neck and the lower face.

Recovery Time:

  • Mini Neck Lift: Typically has a quicker recovery time due to the less invasive nature of the procedure. Patients may return to normal activities sooner.
  • Traditional Neck Lift: Requires a longer recovery period due to the more extensive nature of the surgery.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Mini Neck Lift: Best suited for younger patients or those with minimal neck sagging and skin laxity.
  • Traditional Neck Lift: More appropriate for individuals with significant aging changes in the neck and lower face.


  • Mini Neck Lift: Offers subtle improvements and is ideal for those who need a smaller degree of correction.
  • Traditional Neck Lift: Provides more comprehensive and noticeable results for aging necks.


  • Mini Neck Lift: Typically results in less and less visible scarring due to smaller incisions.
  • Traditional Neck Lift: May involve more noticeable scarring due to longer incisions, although these are usually well-hidden within the hairline and natural contours of the ear.

It’s important to have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss which option is best suited for your individual needs and goals. The surgeon can assess your neck’s condition, skin quality, and the changes you wish to achieve to recommend the most appropriate procedure.

Mini Neck Lift Turkey

Mini Neck Lift

A mini neck lift is a surgery to make the neck look younger. It helps remove saggy skin and reduces wrinkles. The surgery can fix a “double chin” and make the jawline more defined. It is done under local anesthesia and takes one to two hours. After surgery, there might be some swelling, but it goes away in a few weeks. The results can last for years, but age will still affect the skin over time.

Benefits of a Mini Neck Lift

A mini neck lift makes the neck look refreshed. It:

  • Fixes saggy skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Gets rid of a double chin.
  • Gives a sharper jawline.

The surgery is quick and safe. Patients can go back to their usual routine in a few days. But, before getting the surgery, it’s good to talk to a plastic surgeon about the details and any risks.

Mini Neck Lift Suitability

To know if you’re right for a mini neck lift, consider age, skin type, and sagging. Less sagging and wrinkles might mean you’re suitable. A detailed check with a plastic surgeon is best.

Mini Neck Lift Techniques

Mini neck lifts vary by need. They can include:

  • Liposuction: Removes fat.
  • Skin tightening: Uses lasers, radiofrequency, or ultrasound.
  • Fat grafting: Adds volume.


Recovery from a mini neck lift is 2-3 weeks. Expect swelling and some pain. Follow your doctor’s advice closely. Avoid heavy exercise for two weeks. Rest well and consider wearing a neck support.

Is It Worth It?

A mini neck lift can make the neck look younger. It’s less intense than a full neck lift. It costs less and targets specific neck areas. Many find it valuable for a fresher neck look.

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Neck Lift vs. Mini Neck Lift

A neck lift and mini neck lift both improve the neck. The neck lift is a bigger procedure. It removes more fat and tightens muscles. The mini neck lift focuses only on sagging skin and fat in the neck’s lower part. Recovery is faster for the mini neck lift. If you want a big change, consider a neck lift. For smaller changes, a mini neck lift may be better.

Mini Neck Lift and Jowls

A mini neck lift can fix jowls. It tightens the skin around the jawline. You’ll see results in weeks.

Average Age for Neck Lift

People between 40 and 60 often get neck lifts. But, it can suit any age. Talk to a plastic surgeon to see if it’s right for you. The surgery makes the neck look younger.