Face Lift Turkey

People desire for their face to look smooth and aesthetically pleasing. However, due to various factors, there can be unwanted changes in the face. Facelift surgeries are one of the most important surgeries done to regain the beauty, especially for the sagging that can occur in women.

Face Lift Turkey Cost

The cost of a face lift in Turkey can vary depending on the type of procedure being performed. Generally speaking, a full face lift will cost somewhere between $2,000-$7,000. This cost may increase if a person chooses to add additional procedures such as brow lifts, chin lifts, or cheek implants. The cost can also change depending on the surgeon, their experience, and the clinic. It is important to thoroughly research different surgeons and clinics before deciding on one, as the cost and quality of the surgery can vary greatly.

How to

As people age, the negative effects of stress, gravity, smoking and sun exposure become more apparent. The first signs of aging typically become visible in the 30s and become more established in the 50s. As age progresses, it affects all the tissues of the face. The facial bones become weakened, thinned and lose their volume.

Before After

As muscles weaken, they relax and succumb to the effects of gravity, causing them to sag. Fat tissue weakens, diminishes and thins out. As the fat tissue beneath the skin weakens, the skin becomes loose, wrinkled and loses its elasticity, sagging along with all the other soft tissues. This mechanism brings out the static lines on the face. On the other hand, dynamic lines appear due to the facial muscles working over the years and emphasizing the curves on the skin. The face takes on a look of distinct lines around the eyes and forehead, sagging brows, cheeks, jawline and neck, and visible fatty pouches in the eyelids, resulting in an overall appearance of being older, tired and sunken.

Face lifting is a procedure that can be applied to any healthy person who is feeling the effects of advancing age. Along with face lifting, procedures such as eye lid tightening, aesthetic nose surgery, chin enlargement, chin reduction, liposuction under the chin, and fat and tissue injections can also be performed.

The face is anatomically divided into three distinct regions and each region is evaluated separately for any surgical interventions that are intended to rejuvenate the face. The upper face includes the temples, forehead, and eyebrows and the intervention applied to this area is called a brow lift. The midface includes the cheek area and the intervention applied to this area is referred to as a midface or cheek lift. The lower face includes the chin and neck area and the intervention applied to this area is referred to as a lower face or neck lift. Surgery may be applied to each region individually or all together.

Upper Face Lift Surgery

An upper facelift surgery is performed to lift the eyebrows, as well as to lift and tighten the forehead and temple regions. Using the classic surgical technique, the space between the two ear lobes of the hair bearing area is cut and the forehead skin is peeled off and tightened. This technique is quite bloody and leaves a long surgical scar within the hair. However, with the modern endoscopic technique we use, the surgery is performed without bleeding with only four 2 cm long incisions in between the hair and no visible scar left, resulting in a natural and lasting outcome.

After Face Lift Surgery

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery does not stop aging. Aging is an ongoing process that continues even after the procedure is done. The surgery helps the person look younger than their age. When your face returns to its normal appearance, you will notice a striking rejuvenation in your face.

Pre-operative procedure

Before undergoing a facelift surgery, the most important thing for the patient to do is to stop smoking. This is a very important factor that directly affects the surgery. We have had patients who have not been able to adhere to this rule and we have not performed the surgery on them. Another important factor is to avoid taking medications such as aspirin that thin the blood. If you have no knowledge about such medications, you can always consult your doctor. Aside from these, it is also important to protect the face from physical impacts, which is necessary for the surgery to go smoothly.

Post-operative procedures

After a face-lifting surgery, bruising and swelling are observed on the face. It is natural to feel some pain after the operation, however if all the prescribed medications are followed the pain can be reduced to almost zero. Bruising usually disappears in about a week. The patient can take a shower 3 days after the surgery. It usually takes around 3-4 weeks for the surgery scars to completely disappear.

Watch out for these

After a face lift surgery, the patient must take care to protect the face from physical effects. Regular use of the pain relievers given is necessary. Most importantly, smoking must be completely avoided for a month after the surgery. This is a very important rule. Smoking clogs up the capillaries in the body, which affects the capillary blood flow in the face after surgery and greatly weakens the healing process.

How risky is the surgery?

Facelift surgeries are classic procedures that require only the experience of the doctor performing the procedure, with no risks associated. Facelifts have been popularly chosen for many years. After the surgery, there is no damage other than some minor scars.

How much scar does the surgery leave?

In the aftermath of a facelift, a very subtle scar remains behind the ears, especially in female patients due to the covering of the hair. Minimizing this scar is a matter of the doctor’s skill. Furthermore, in cases where the entry is made from behind the ear but from the hairy skin, the scar will stay within the hair so no scar will be visible.

How permanent is a facelift?

Facial lifting surgery is not a permanent success until the patient dies. Of course, the skin on the patient’s face will start to sag again. The reason for this is the unavoidable gravity and aging. As these processes continue, the person will inevitably age and the skin will wrinkle again. Let’s look at how effective face lifting surgeries are; this surgery varies depending on the patient’s age at the time of the surgery, their metabolism, and the social conditions in which they live. Nevertheless, the surgery provides protection for a minimum of 5 years. In some cases, the surgery can remain permanent for 10 years, which depends on the patient’s structure.

Does the surgery cause loss of feeling and expression?

The face-lifting surgery does not involve any intervention on the nerve endings, so there is no noticeable expression loss. As its name suggests, it is simply a tightening process and the removal of excess skin. There are no significant losses in facial expressions.