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Many men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. Basically, the size of the penis does not play a role in reproduction. However, a male sex organ that is perceived as too small can lead to psychological problems. If the penis is too small, feelings of inferiority and fear of failure can develop. A penis enlargement Turkey can be the solution.

We use a gentle autologous fat procedure for penis enlargement in Turkey. You benefit from our many years of experience and together with you we develop a treatment concept for your individual penis enlargement.

How does a penis enlargement in Turkey work?

A penis enlargement in Turkey can be performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. First, fat cells are removed from the thighs or from another part of the body. The removed fat cells are then implanted into the penis.

This is done through targeted injections into the penis. The penis shape can then be modeled until a harmonious result is achieved. After the penis enlargement, a special compression bandage is applied, which is intended to support healing in the initial period.

A penis enlargement in Turkey according to your wishes

Based on the respective findings and your personal wishes, we will present the possibilities of penis enlargement to you. Very good results can be achieved with an augmentation with autologous fat, which are long-lasting.

You regain your masculinity and can experience satisfaction in sexual intercourse again. If necessary, a penis enlargement can also be combined with a penis lengthening or a scrotum tightening.

Penis Enlargement turkey

Does penis enlargement make sense in Turkey?

It always depends on how small your penis really is. We will certainly not fulfill exorbitant wishes, such as the wish for a penis that is too big. Be aware of how much extension is possible. More than the specified 3 cm are not feasible with a penis enlargement.

Enlarge penis – is the procedure painful?

A penis enlargement with autologous fat is not painful and you will only feel slight pain afterwards. Feelings of tightness or a slight tugging in the intimate area are normal in the beginning and will disappear on their own.

Penis enlargement risks – what are the risks associated with the operation?

As with other treatments in plastic and aesthetic surgery, penis enlargement comes with risks. Swelling or bruising are among the complications that can occur during penis enlargement. Sensitivity or erectile dysfunction may occur in rare cases.

When can you have sex again after penis enlargement?

After penis enlargement in Turkey with autologous fat, you should wait at least 5 weeks before having sexual intercourse again. That’s how long it takes for the injected fatty tissue to anchor itself firmly in the penis.

When can you play sports again after the surgical enlargement?

The same applies to sports after penis enlargement in Turkey. Wait at least five weeks. After this time, external mechanical influences can no longer negatively affect the result.

What does the price of penis enlargement include?

In a preliminary discussion, it is checked whether the patient is suitable for the penis enlargement operation, all contraindications are ruled out and the cost estimate is given.

Hospital: The price of the operating room also depends on the duration of the procedure, the technology and the staff in the operating room. The price can vary between €2,500-3,000.

What can increase the price of penis enlargement?

For example, the price may increase if the patient wants a combination surgery with penis enlargement. Then the costs can rise to up to 5,000 euros.

Are the costs covered by statutory health insurance?

Penis enlargement is not covered by health insurance if it is a purely cosmetic treatment that is not medically necessary. However, if the patient has a so-called “micropenis” and due to this mental illness and/or erectile dysfunction, it may be that the health insurance companies contribute to the costs.