Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread in Turkey

Ear lobe piercing surgery is a very easy application for a doctor who knows how to apply it, lasting for only 15 minutes with no scalpel incision. It is a method that is not widely used around the world but is performed by some doctors in Turkey.

Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread cost in Turkey

Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread is an increasingly popular method of ear correction surgery that is gaining popularity in Turkey. This procedure is a minimally invasive, rapid, and cost-effective method of correcting protruding ears. The cost of Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread in Turkey is highly competitive and very affordable for most people. The procedure is performed by expert surgeons in a safe and controlled environment, and the results are often very natural-looking. The procedure is quite simple, with minimal scarring, and recovery time is relatively short. Turkey has become a preferred destination for Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread due to its low cost, experienced surgeons, and excellent results.

Prominent Ear surgery with thread has many advantages over the traditional method. The biggest advantage is that there is no need for incisions. This means there will be no scars. This is an important detail for our patients who follow the aesthetic world closely. Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread is performed to correct visual disorders. Having prominent ears does not affect the health of the person in any way. However, for our patients who care about their appearance, Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread is an extremely important operation.

Operation Card


Operation time 30 min
Type of anesthesia Local anesthesia (only by numbing the ear)
operation site Clinic
back to work Next day
full recovery One month
aching pain little or no
Hair band first 3 days full – 15 days while sleeping
Does it require again 99.9% will not need
Control 2nd day, 30th day, 6 months, 1 year
Length of stay in Istanbul 1 day
bruise swelling Vaguely
scars There will be no trace
first bath 3 days
Bleeding very rare
probability of opening %2
Effect on hearing No positive negative effects

How To

Ear Needle Surgery, or ‘Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread’ in Turkish, is the process of inward folding of the cartilage structure opened for genetic reasons by attaching it with a rope. This explanation is the most basic and is intended for readers. There are many medical details but I don’t want to bore you with too many techniques. But all I want you to know is that although the technique is new, it is overused and the results are excellent.

Otoplasty in Turkey

I perform ear surgery with local anesthesia in 15-20 minutes as stated above. During the operation, I feel a responsibility to communicate with the patient. The patient usually knows what shape the ear will take before the operation. During the operation, I also show the patient the finished ear and get his opinion. Depending on his wishes, I shape the operation. Of course, it is very important to have a lot of experience in these operations. But I also think that the satisfaction of the patient is equally important. Therefore, I take care to make my patients’ requests as far as the operation conditions allow.

Before After


After the ear surgery, the patient can return to work the next day. They can take a shower three days later. There is no need for long waiting periods like in classic techniques. The surgery is performed without blood and there will be no swelling or bruises on the surgery area like in the classic technique. The patient can gain their real appearance the same day.

Can you fix protruding ears naturally?

It’s completely understandable to have concerns about protruding ears, especially in a society that often places a great deal of emphasis on physical appearance. However, it’s important to note that there are limited natural methods to significantly alter the shape or position of the ears, as these characteristics are largely determined by genetics and the structure of the cartilage in the ears.

Some non-surgical approaches, such as using headbands or other devices to reshape the ears, are sometimes suggested, particularly for infants whose ear cartilage is still soft and malleable. However, the effectiveness of these methods can vary greatly, and they are less likely to be effective as one gets older and the ear cartilage becomes firmer.

In cases where the appearance of protruding ears causes significant distress or self-consciousness, people often turn to otoplasty, a surgical procedure to adjust the shape of the ear cartilage. This is a common and generally safe procedure, usually performed by a plastic or reconstructive surgeon.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s ears are unique, and slight differences in appearance are completely normal and natural. If your feelings about your ears are affecting your self-esteem or quality of life, speaking to a healthcare professional or a counselor can provide support and help you explore all available options, whether they be acceptance and self-love strategies or medical interventions.

Your feelings are valid, and it’s okay to seek whatever solution feels right for you, whether that involves exploring medical options or embracing the unique characteristics of your ears as part of what makes you, you. Remember, your value and worth go far beyond physical appearance.

Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread in Turkey

Use of bandages after surgery

Patients no longer have to wear a headband constantly after an Ear Pinning Surgery like they would with the classic method. Instead, the patient only needs to wear the headband at nights for two weeks. This makes the Ear Pinning Surgery superior to the classic method, as it is something that patients do not like or want to use.